Exercise Must Be Done Correctly 2024

Exercise must be done correctly otherwise exercise can do more harm than good if not done properly.

A man was gaining weight rapidly. His stomach also started coming out. Friends advised him that weight and stomach can be reduced through exercise. He started exercising but did not lose weight. They had complaints of back pain and hernia. Exercise is very important for health and well-being, but if exercise is not done properly, it can cause harm instead of benefit.

Exercising incorrectly can affect anyone of any age, but men and women 50+ should understand the correct way to move the body before starting exercise. Exercise correctly at any age. The benefit is the benefit.
A study in the UK has shown that exercise in old age can help protect against dementia and disease.

Exercise is said to be useful in diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and depression. Dr. Mark Hamer of University College London says that if you are over 60, keep moving. Regular exercise throughout your life is ideal, but starting to exercise at an older age is also good for your health. Being physically active doesn’t just mean going to the gym or running, Dr. Hammer says, but it also includes walking and gardening.

Exercise Must Be Done Correctly

How Much Exercise Should Be Done Daily?

According to a study in Taiwan, only fifteen minutes of exercise per day can increase the age. Health experts say that this is the minimum amount of exercise for an adult in the interest of his health. In a study in England, less An exercise time of less than thirty minutes is recommended.

Ladies, Run For One to Two Minutes to Strengthen Your Bones

If women run briskly for 60 to 120 seconds every day, they have good effects on their bones.

Bone density and related diseases are common in women over 30, but the good news is that even just one minute of vigorous running every day can improve their bone density. Good effect and strong bones. Good and strong bones mean prevention of arthritis and reduced fractures in old age. If women can’t find time for regular exercise and going to the gym, they can do 60 to 120 seconds of brisk jogging every day. It can strengthen your bones.

Exercising with light weights can also be very beneficial. Experts say that running for two minutes a day can make bones stronger, which means that bone density and solidity are improved.

Cardiovascular and Stroke Patients and Exercise

Exercise Must Be Done Correctly

The results of a study in the United States and the United Kingdom have shown that exercise is as effective as medicine for heart and stroke patients.

The effects of exercise and medication on patients were compared and it was revealed that exercise was as effective as medication for heart disease. The effect of exercise on stroke patients was greater than medication. The researchers say that the basis of these results. But exercise should be included in the patients’ prescription.
Fewer adults are getting the exercise they need today, while the use of medications has been on the rise.

If you have or suspect heart disease, consult your doctor about the role that exercise can play in treatment. According to Dr. Peter Cullen of the Stroke Association, the role of exercise along with medication is important. He said that By exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and quitting smoking, people can reduce their risk of stroke.

Exercise Prevents Brain Degeneration

We know that with age, mental capacity is affected. If this speed increases, dementia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases are born.
Regular exercise slows down brain degeneration and aging and helps protect against many diseases. Health experts are even saying that regular exercise prevents memory loss.

In 2019, scientists from the University of Exeter examined two hundred thousand adults. The result was that exercise can reduce the risk of dementia by 32%, even if there is no genetic possibility of this disease. But it is important that cigarettes Avoid alcohol completely and eat a balanced diet. Exercise plays a major role in reducing mental stress and increasing brain power.

In addition, the diet given in early life also plays an important role in the mental development of the child, but the same work is done by exercise. Therefore, it is important that children are spent with physical labor from an early age. Be kept away.
According to health experts, if someone is going through constant mental stress, mental exercise like reading a book, newspaper or magazine can be very useful and effective.

Scientists at the University of California have proven that if children and teenagers get used to sports and exercise from an early age, they can have very beneficial effects on their overall health, especially the heart and mind.
Such children are less susceptible to psychological diseases when they are young and their brains are also sharp. Exercise is also helpful in preventing blindness and early aging. Therefore, along with other related medicines, time will have to be taken for exercise as well.

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